Thomas Luz Hospitality Consulting

Our company specialises in providing technical services to hospitality related projects. Based in Munich/Germany, we provide our sevices world-wide.


Successful hotel projects require professional technical service

Each hotel project is different. Different styles, expectations and concepts, combined with different people involved require projects to be very closely planned, executed and monitored at all stages.

The primary goal of technical services is to ensure that each project will function as an efficient hotel in accordance to the expected standards, especially when the investors and/or architects and other specialists have limited knowledge and experience in hotel design and operation.


With the help of technical services you:

  • Control the physical quality of the product
  • Establish the most efficient area programs and room layouts with respect to the operating concepts
  • Coordinate the various trades, suppliers, specialists and consultants
  • Optimise cost
  • Create access to the best industry solutions with proven results
Technical Services also ensures:
  • Representation of investor interests towards all parties involved, mainly towards hotel operators and their own technical services team
  • Representation of of operator interests towards all parties involved, mainly towards investors and their project management team with regards of compliance to operator standards